Name Blessings - Savannah

Savannah stitched by Trish Estes

Savannah stitched by Trish Estes
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Pam Owen wrote:

Hello Sandra,

Greetings from Pam Owen in Anderson, SC.

I need to get a name blessing for a precious little baby named Savannah. I know I want the pastel floral border on vintage material. This is Savannah's story......

I have been working for the US Census in the local office in Anderson as an admin clerk. The job is temporary and due to run out by the end of August if not before. Camilla Megge is the office manager over the clerks. She and her husband Bill are not able to have children, like my late husband and myself. They have been on the waiting list for adoption for several years and decided within the last month to become foster parents. There is a great need for foster parents in our state, as I am sure in all states. They have been through all the paperwork, home studies, etc to become parents. Late one Friday afternoon at work, Camilla received a phone call from her social worker. She wanted to know if Bill and Camilla would be interested in a Hispanic newborn. The answer was a resounding YES! Needless to say, no work was accomplished after that as all the new aunts and uncles were crying for joy along with Camilla. This was truly a gift from God. Savannah's birth mom is 12 years old and the alleged father is the 12 year olds father-a heart breaking situation for the birth mom and baby. But Savannah is loved and thriving and is in a home where Christ is loved and worshiped. Camilla and Bill had in her in church when she was 4 days old. They are making plans to learn Spanish so Savannah will know of her heritage and language. So I need a blessing for her as she is a blessing to all of us, especially her Mommy and Daddy. Can't wait to see the design.

I also want to order Solomon's lilies and all 6 of the promises. Will have time to start back stitching after the census job ends and want to get Christmas presents started.

God bless,