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Clearance Embroidery Floss from Joyful Expressions

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Anchor® Floss on Labeled Bobbins sold in groups of 10 for only .50 cents plus Free Shipping, No Minimum!

Just 5 Cents each!

Perfect for all your stitching needs, or to create friendship bracelets with your church youth group!

4 Bobbins = 1 Skein (8.7 yards) which works out to .20 cents per skein!

Why so cheap? The Back Story...

When I first started Joyful Expressions over 11 years ago, I had worked with a sales representative to present my 5 x 5 kits to Hobby Lobby stores. If my kits were purchased I would need to be prepared to ship hundreds of kits to their warehouse within a very short time span. With the possibility of a sale, I started winding bobbins of floss for these kits. The big purchase did not happen so I placed all my focus on offering the Joyful Expressions designs directly to you through the website.

Today I have thousands of bobbins wound and labeled stored in bags of 100 each in plastic bins. I realized that I will never in a lifetime need these for the few 5 x 5 kits that require them, thus it's time to offer these to you, well below the initial cost and labor.


Order the bobbins in groups of 10 below - a 1 in your shopping cart equals 10 bobbins. The equivalent color number in DMC floss is listed in the chart as well as the color description. You may also view DMC to Anchor Conversion Charts at Yarn Tree.

Anchor® 100% Cotton six strand Embroidery Floss is the same quality as DMC embroidery floss and is the brand of choice in the United Kingdom where there is a large population of avid stitchers.

The Table below lists the DMC equivalent first as this is the most commonly used floss in the US. Locate your floss choice and Click on "Add to My Cart". You will be taken to a Shopping Cart summary. You may click on "Continue Shopping" to return to this page and add more choices.

Colors shown are close but not an exact representation.

DMCAnchorColor DescriptionShopping Cart

1 Unit = 10 Bobbins at .50
12White - Sold Out!
209109Lavender-DK - Sold Out!
211342Lavender-LT - Sold Out!
2251026Shell Pink-UL VY LT - Sold Out!
310403Black - Sold Out!
319218Pistachio Green-VY DK - Sold Out!
35011Coral-MD - Sold Out!
4351045Brown-VY LT
5041042Blue Green-LT
562216Jade-MD - Sold Out
60263Cranberry-MD - Sold Out!
60574Cranberry-VY LT - Sold Out!
606334Bright Orange-Red
66646Christmas Red-BRT - Sold Out!
702226Kelly Green - Sold Out!
712926Cream - Sold Out!
71889Plum - Sold Out!
720326Orange Spice-DK - Sold Out!
722323Orange Spice-LT
726295Topaz-LT - Sold Out!
739387Tan-UL VY LT
741304Tangerine-MD- Sold Out!
7541012Peach-LT - Sold Out!
782308Topaz-DK - Sold Out!
799136Delft Blue-MD - Sold Out!
800144Delft Blue-Pale - Sold Out!
81713Coral Red-VY DK - Sold Out!
898360Coffee Brown-VY DK - Sold Out!
905257Parrot Green-DK - Sold Out!
906256Parrot Green-MD - Sold Out!
912209Emerald Green-LT - Sold Out!
937268Avocado Green-MD - Sold Out!
938381Coffee Brown-UL DK - Sold Out!
945881Tawny - Sold Out!
946332Burnt Orange-MD
9481011Peach-VY LT
9504146Desert Sand-LT
95640Geranium - Sold Out!
958187Sea Green-DK - Sold Out!
964185Sea Green-LT - Sold Out!
9771002Golden Brown-LT - Sold Out!
9911076Aquamarine-DK - Sold Out!
9961090Electric Blue-MD - Sold Out!
3021904Brown Gray-VY DK - Sold Out!
3024397Brown Gray-VY LT - Sold Out!
3032903Mocha Brown-MD
3078292Golden Yellow-VY LT - Sold Out!
332636Rose-LT - Sold Out!
3340329Apricot-MD - Sold Out!
368776Mauve - Sold Out!
370535Melon-DK - Sold Out!
37221027Shell Pink-MD
37261018Antique Mauve-DK - Sold Out!
373375Dusty Rose - Sold Out!
3740873Antique Violet-DK - Sold Out!
3799236Pewter Gray-VY DK - Sold Out!
38011098Christmas Red-LT - Sold Out!
3827313Golden Brown-Pale
38305975Terra Cotta-MD - Sold Out!

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